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Welcome to the University of Minnesota's Apple website, a resource for apple lovers!  Whether you're a grower or a person who simply enjoys savoring the taste of great apples and appreciates their healthful benefits, we hope you find this website useful.

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This site is designed primarily for Licensed Nurseries and Commercial Orchards who want to learn more about U of M cold hardy apple varieties, production guidelines, and resources for purchasing large quantities of apple trees.

If you are a gardener interested in planting just a few trees, you may want to learn where you can buy a tree, or have basic growing questions. As a consumer, you may want to learn where you can pick your own, buy apples, or find nutritional information and recipes. We hope you will find the resource information you need in the Gardener & Consumer section of this website.

Members of the Media may research information about the U of M's exceptional apple breeding program, specific cold hardy apple varieties, and access free photos.

Thank you for your interest in the many apples the University of Minnesota has developed since 1878!

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